Printing from the web browser on the user machine
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ASP Printer COM enables you to print your documents, files and data on the user (client) machine when the user browses the ASP pages on your web site in his / her web browser (Internet Explorer). This requires the component to be downloaded to the client machine and to run on that machine.

In order to automatically download the component to the user machine, you have to set a reference to the ASP Printer CAB file (Internet distribution file) in your ASP page as shown below.

<Object ID="ASPPrinter"  

The version number above must be set to the correct version number of the component you currently have on your system.

You can download a ready-to-run ASP Printer Web Package
from our web site. This package contains the appropriate CAB file and an HTML page. When the HTML page is accessed from the client web browser, it will automatically download and install the component on the client machine.

Note that the security settings of Internet Explorer on the client machine may prevent the component from executing. Therefore, you have to inform the user to appropriately adjust these security settings in order for the component to function properly.

ASP Printer COM is marked as "safe for initialization" and "safe for scripting".