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red_bullet Component redistribution with ASP & HTML  
For Raw Data Printer to function (print) on a web server or on a stand-alone Intranet LAN (Local Area Network) server, you just need to run the setup wizard of Raw Data Printer on the server. Everything needed will be installed and registered automatically by the setup wizard and the component will be ready for use.  
If you need to print on the client machines that access your ASP pages or HTML pages on your web site, you need to insert an <object> reference tag in your ASP or HTML pages in order to automatically download the component (and other required files) to the client machine and install it. You will need the Internet Distribution Package of the product (the CAB file) in order the perform the automatic download and installation of the component on the client machine. Once the component is installed on the client machine, your printing code (VB Script or Java Script) in the HTML page can be executed to print your documents on the client machine.  
red_bullet Component redistribution with Visual Basic applications  
Raw Data Printer does not have any dependencies other than the VB runtime libraries. The Visual Basic setup wizard will automatically add these files to your setup package because they are already required by your VB application. Of course, the component file itself should also be added to your setup package.  

red_bullet Component redistribution with applications developed in other programming languages (VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, VC++, Delphi, etc.)  
Only the component file (RawDataPrinter.dll) and the Visual Basic runtime DLLs are required to be added to your setup package.  

When you purchase the appropriate license of Raw Data Printer, the component runtimes are totally royalty-free and can be used in any type of applications including commercial applications. You will not need to re-pay VBGold Software for redistributing the component with your applications to your end users. Please refer to the License Options to see which license is appropriate for your specific requirements.