Smart Print Control Features

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Smart Print Control has many great features. It enables you to:  
red_bullet Print text supplied from within your code, from a text box, label control or other controls on your form, or text supplied by the user  
red_bullet Print text files of any size by just using the FileName property of the control  
red_bullet Print Rich Text Format (RTF) files and RTF data with WYGIWYS (What You Get Is What You See) by just using the FileName property of the control or calling the PrintRTFFile method  
red_bullet Print HTML files including any text and images (as seen in a web browser) by just using the FileName property of the control or calling the PrintHTMLFile method  
red_bullet Print documents by retrieving some or all document data directly from a text file  
red_bullet Specify a different font name, font size, bold, italic, charset etc. for each one of the document title, text, header and footer separately  
red_bullet Specify the document top, bottom, left, and right margins separately  
red_bullet Query all physical and logical printers installed on your system (retrieve the names and number of printers), as well as network printers  
red_bullet Select the printer device to print to, if there are more than one printer installed on your system  
red_bullet Select the paper bin (from among 12 standard printer paper bin types)  
red_bullet Select the paper size (from among 20 standard paper sizes)  
red_bullet Select the paper orientation (portrait or landscape)  
red_bullet Select the print quality (draft, low, medium, or high)  
red_bullet Specify the line spacing (single, 1.5 lines or double spacing)  
red_bullet Specify the number of copies to print  
red_bullet Print page numbers  
red_bullet Print a border around the document with a specified line width  
red_bullet Include the current (system) date and time in the document footer  
red_bullet Print a separating line below header and above footer with a specified line width  
red_bullet Notifies you about the printing progress (which page is currently being printed)  
red_bullet Notifies you when any errors occur while sending the document to the printer and when the printing is completed