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Print Your Text Files, RTF Files, RTF Data and HTML Files
With Just a Single Line of Code!

   Smart Print Control is a 32-bit ActiveX (OCX) control that greatly simplifies printing tasks such as printing Reports, Text Files, Rich Text Format (RTF) Files and RTF Data, HTML Files and long text strings from within your Visual Basic, Delphi and Visual C++ applications. If you are a Visual Basic developer, you already know the headache associated with using the VB Printer object to print your documents, where you need to write complex code to figure out how to format each line of text to fit on the paper, based on the font face and size used, type of printer, paper size, orientation, document margins, number of pages required, etc. With Smart Print Control, you just supply the document title, document text (body), and optionally document header and footer, at design-time or at run-time and you are done. Moreover, Smart Print Control enables you to easily print any text file, RTF file, RTF data, or HTML file with just a single line of code! It can't get easier with printing from your Visual Basic applications!

   Smart Print Control provides great flexibility in printing your documents, by allowing you to query all local and network printers, select a printer, specify print quality, paper size, orientation, paper bin, print margins, line spacing, etc. Take a look at the great features of Smart Print Control.

   Smart Print Control automatically formats the document text, including the document title, header and footer, based on the specified font faces, sizes, etc. and automatically word-wraps text so that lines are appropriately fit on the paper, taking into consideration the paper size and paper orientation of the selected printer.

   In addition to printing text files, the new version (4.x) of Smart Print Control enables you to print Rich Text Format (RTF) files, RTF Data and HTML files in full color with just one line of code!. You only need to specify the file name and call the PrintDoc method, or just call the PrintRTFFile, PrintRTFData or PrintHTMLFile method to print RTF and HTML files.

   Smart Print Control can be used in any 32-bit programming language that support ActiveX (OCX) controls, such as Visual Basic 4 (32-bit), VB5, VB6, Visual C++, Delphi, etc.

   Smart Print Control appears on the Visual Basic toolbox and on forms as a printer icon and has the default name 'Sprinter1'. The control is invisible at run time.

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