DocHeaderFont Property

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Returns or sets a VB standard font object (StdFont) for the document header.


object.DocHeaderFont [=StdFont]

Where object evaluates to a Smart Print Control.


This property sets or returns a VB standard font object for the document header. A standard font object is a font with sub properties like Name, Size, Bold, Italic, CharSet, etc. For example, you can specify the font properties for the document header as shown below:

DocHeaderFont.Name = "Times New Roman"  
DocHeaderFont.Size = 8  
DocHeaderFont.Bold = False  
DocHeaderFont.Italic = True  
Note: When Smart Print Control is dropped on the form, all font properties of the control (DocFooterFont, DocHeaderFont, DocTextFont, DocTitleFont) will inherit the font settings of the form's font property. Therefore, if you wish to set all these properties to a specific font, set the form's font property before dropping the control on the form.